1988 Saab 9000 Turbo

Coming from the pre-GM glory days of Saab is this early 9000 Turbo. The 9000 was one of the best cars Saab ever offered. While it shared a platform with Alfa Romeo and Lancia, the body was a totally new design by none other than the legendary Giugiaro. You can easily identify his trademark clean planes, crisp lines and sharp angles, especially in the brilliant glass-canopied rear hatchback.

This one is supplemented by what looks like a factory body kit from the era which added front, side and rear skirts, as well as plastic trim around the rear plate that mimicked the taillights but has since unfortunately sun faded (replacements are out there or it could easily be matched with the body or matte black). It's certainly lesser seen and rather interesting, giving this 9000 a alternate look to stand out from the other scraggly survivors left out there.

Inside occupants are made to feel like Swedish royalty, with enormous leather seats, headrests you can actually rest your head on and clear, thoughtful switches, buttons and gauges.

Underneath the hood is Saab's venerable 16-valve 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. Unfortunately it's mated to an automatic transmission. A stick will make it feel lively and even fun, an auto not so much and they weren't very reliable, either.

It would be neat to swap in a 5-speed and give it an eighties racing livery like the one below. The ground effects would have been the hardest parts to source, so with that out of the way just leaves a talented and well-planned paint job, new tires, different rims and lowered suspension. The seller says this has no rust, so it's a great piece to start with.

Available here on craigslist for $3,995.

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