76k-Mile 1985 Nissan 200SX Notchback

Remember the notchback? This kitschy American styling cue was briefly borrowed by the Japanese in the 80s on cars like the 200SX.

Outside North America, this was called the Silvia and followed a long line of compact rear-wheel drive coupes from Nissan.

In 1984 the S12 generation debuted, featured an all-new small, tightly styled body...and a notchback, along side a more traditional hatchback.

It's classic Rising Sun 80s, all hard angles, straight lines, off-center front logo, hidden headlights, and huge red plastic taillights. Americans are fond of this design because it was when Japanese cars were making their first impressions on us, and those impressions were mostly good. These cars were decent looking, handled well, sipped gas and were affordable. They were the perfect answer in between American and German cars.

Power could have come from either 4 or 6 cylinders, and this is the 4-cylinder option. Thankfully, it's mated to a 5-speed stick for optimal performance and efficiency.

The interior looks remarkably clean and tidy for the age, and is a yuppie nerd's dream, outfitted with what the seller calls the optional Digital Package Upgrade, a fantastic period accessory that gives the full effect. The odometer reads just 76,039 miles and the seller says it's a one-owner car that runs great, was meticulously owned, garaged, never smoked in, never in an accident and has a title ready.

Finding one in this condition is getting extremely difficult, as most are rusted out, parted out or slammed into ground by now.

These don't get much respect on the fancier corners of the web, but Japanese cars of the 80s and 90s are the hot new classics, and this is a remarkable survivor.

Available here on ebay for $6,300 or the Make Offer option.


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  3. I stumbled across this and was happy to see it as I am the new owner of this car. It is everything the owner said it was and then some. I bought the car without even test-driving it or bothering to pop the hood. Got a PA transport tag and immediately started back to NC with it. It performed admirably the entire trip. This car loves the interstate and handled mountain roads with ease, climbing every hill the highway threw at it in 5th gear, never loosing speed. I love these old cars. I have never owned a front wheel drive car and as long as I can continue to find gems like this I doubt I ever will. It is a true pleasure to drive (and to look at) I only wish the dealership would have been a little more careful with the Ziebart Lifetime Undercoating in the engine bay. What looks like a dirty engine is actually undercoating sprayed everywhere. This is probably why this car is 100% rust free so I can't complain too much but it does look like they could have masked the engine bay just a little bit. Oh well, she is a beauty everywhere else and the "Bitchin' Betty" unit still reminds me that my "Key is in the Ignition" etc.