Replica Ferrari Testarossa Spider

You know how I feel about a replica Ferrari. If you don't, here's a brief summary: I love them! Shocking, isn't it? But here's the thing. We live in an era of endless duplication. All new cars look the same. And so a replica of a rare, expensive and fussy old Italian car is actually great idea.

Now, some Testarossa replicas are horrible, like the inane front-engine Corvette ones. This is NOT one of those.

I actually think this is one of the best Testarossa replicas I've ever seen, and definitely the best spider replica. The body is high-quality and the details and overall proportions are excellent. I love the deep-set wheels, which give a nice dose of attitude.

The seller says it's based on a 1986 Fiero. But while some Fiero replicas still have the lackluster Fiero engines in back, this one has a 3.8-liter V8 from a Buick Grand National that pumps out 250 horsepower!

The seller says this car was loved greatly but it doesn't get driven enough. They also say it has high-compression forged pistons, an Alpine audio system and the "stunning, eye-popping, head turning looks of a real Testarossa".

You can say that again. The bidders seem to agree, driving it past $9k at the time of this writing.

Honestly, if I had a big garage and extra time on weekends I would snap one up and drive it proudly. The big engine, beautiful body and rare topless version make this one of the finest replicas I've ever seen.

Hey, when Tarantino starts mining the 80s for material and a character pulls up in one of these (not a real one, mind you), don't say I didn't tell you.

Available here on ebay.

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