Restored 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco

The first generation Scirocco was a touchy car, treading on holy ground by replacing the beloved rear-engine Karmann Ghia. But Volkswagen had already made its mind up, anticipating legislation that would outlaw rear engines altogether as well as feeling the air-cooled 4-cylinder couldn't be perfected any further (Porsche went through a similar crossroads that resulted in development of the 928).

All of it was rather anticlimactic. The law wasn't passed, and consumers still pined for rear-engine cars. But it was too late. The rear-engine lineup was gone. Fortunately, Volkswagen tapped styling legend Giugiaro to craft great-looking new bodies. If it was going to be front-engine and front-wheel drive, at least it was going to look state-of-the-art. Such is the Scirocco, which is basically a sleeker, sexier Golf.

The first generation is particularly notable for its quad round headlights and spartan interior. Just this year, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance has rated the Mk I Scirocco as nearly extinct. I've seen them pop up here and there, but as they rust out, get driven into the ground, sold for scrap they are definitely harder and harder to come by each year.

Fortunately, this example has been given some love by the seller, who says they hate to sell but are moving. They've refreshed it cosmetically and mechanically, and says it now runs well and comes with a clean title.

If you have your heart set on the Scirocco but don't want one that requires work (as the few left usually do), this is an increasingly unique opportunity to acquire one that seems ready to go.

Available here on ebay with a Buy It Now of $3,750.

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