1970 Camaro Z28

The second generation Camaro lives in the shadow of the iconic first generation, which is what GM modeled the new retro-styled Camaro after.

That's a shame, because the second generation is arguably the coolest of them all.

It debuted in 1970, benefitting from a development process that wasn't rushed and all the lessons learned from the first-generation. The body and chassis were all-new. A range of 6 and 8 cylinder engines were available.

The best second-generation Camaro are the earliest ones like this, which have classic styling and more powerful engines and.

The seller says this is a real LT1 Z28, although they don't know if it's a matching numbers car due to inability to read the serial numbers, but they say that's besides the point because it's not a perfect anyways and is still fun, fast and reliable.

They also say the engine has been rebuilt, and everything looks decent and correct in the photos.

They also mention that a numbers-matching car might command double what they are asking. That also might be true, so this could be considered a nice way to save some money on a very similar car.

Available here on craigslist for $24,999.


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