Original Owner 1979 BMW 733i Project

This E23 has a nice summery feel about it, with the light blue paint and general feeling of these cars kind of like being on permanent vacation.

The other thing about the E23 is that it was replaced by a totally different car - the larger an heavier E32. This makes the E23 more interesting for collectors because it represents distinctly old-school design and engineering that was really never quite replicated.

Make no mistake though, these are cushy still people-carrying saloons. We had an exclusive on one a couple years ago that I got to inspect in person. My first impression was being surprised at how small they are. The current 3-series is now the size of this 7-series. And even then, this thing wears tight, clean, minimal sheet metal that maximizes interior space. German cars always photograph larger than they actually are, so this really classifies as a small or mid-size car today.

What makes this example really interesting is that it's being offered by the original owner who purchased it new in 1979 from Helmut BMW in Connecticut and have kept it in pretty good shape all these years. Cosmetically, they say it still wears the original paint and nifty blue leather interior. They do note one small area of rust but speculate it shouldn't be difficult to fix and say they don't see any other problem areas.

Underneath the hood is BMW's venerable straight-six. It will provide a healthy dosage of power, boosted by the 4-speed manual transmission on this one. The seller has provided a very detailed account of everything they have done and yet to do. They say it will need new struts and an injector. These aren't deal breakers and when addressed will make for a very sweet vintage ride in unusual original condition.

Available here on craigslist for $3,500.


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